News: The Wild Project Teams with Thirdwing to Offer "The Female Genius" Online

Krysten Wagner and Meghan E Jones. Courtesy Karen Greco PR
Thirdwing, a digital theater company designed to develop plays directly for streaming as well as for the live stage, launched just before massive closures due to COVID-19. This meant that Thirdwing’s first live stage offering, Rachel Carey’s The Female Genius, running from April 14 – April 18 at The Wild Project in NYC, was canceled.

The Wild Project, like many independent New York theaters, is bracing for the impact of the current crisis. But because of the way Thirdwing is designed, they can still offer access to the show they had scheduled.

Thirdwing is partnering with The Wild Project to release one episode each night of its scheduled run starting on April 14th. Half of all yearly streaming memberships will go directly to support The Wild Project. Those using the discount code WILD will get 10% off monthly subscriptions ($36 a year or $3.59/ mo), with all proceeds going to The Wild Project for 6 months. Audiences can visit for more information and sign up for the streaming subscription.

The subscription will give audiences access to the show on the streaming platform, a ticket to the live performance during its post-pandemic remount at The Wild Project, as well as extra bonus content such as “behind the scenes” footage and interviews with theater greats John Turturro and Danny Burstein, with more being added.
Delissa Reynolds and Timothy Thomas. Photo courtesy Karen Greco PR
Episodically written, The Female Genius runs just over an hour in one evening of theater and is a darkly comic look at the struggle of having great talent in a misogynistic world. The play was specially designed to work well for home viewing and stage viewing and was filmed in different styles reminiscent of the teleplays of the 50s and 60s. In a series of short plays, a dying Emily Dickinson verbally abuses her caring sister; Mary Shelley procrastinates on writing Frankenstein by seducing Lord Byron; JK Rowling can’t pay the babysitter; Ayn Rand encourages a young acolyte to assault her, and Zora Neale Hurston’s pro-segregation speech upends white expectations. 

“I've been working on this company for seven years, this particular streaming show for three, and the current business plan for 18 months. We just happened to launch 48 hours before the Broadway shut down and the dominos started to fall,” explains Thirdwing founder and director Cameron Bossert. “The Female Genius is our very first outing both live and streaming. The whole point of our company is to merge the live experience with the streaming experience, not to supplement one for the other. Our company was not formed in response to COVID; however, our subscription-proceed partnership with Wild Project has been.”

The Female Genius is written by Rachel Carey and directed by Cameron Bossert. The cast features Meghan E. Jones, Delissa Reynolds, Amy Lynn Stewart, Timothy Thomas, Krysten Wagner, and Maja Wampuszyc.


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