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Review: "Sweat" Exposes the Blood and Tears of a Factory Town

  Sweat Written by Lynn Nottage Directed by Brandon Walker Presented by The Seeing Place Theater Live via Zoom February 27-28, 2021 Streaming via YouTube February 28-March 3, 2021 The cast of Sweat . Image courtesy Kampfire PR NYC playwright Lynn Nottage's 2015 play Sweat vividly captures the kind of economically depressed community that would become the subject of greatly increased national analysis and discussion after November of the following year. The Seeing Place Theater's engrossing, empathetic virtual production of this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama benefits The Fortune Society , an organization that helps formerly incarcerated people to successfully reenter their community and runs Alternative to Incarceration and Education programs. The Seeing Place will host a free panel, "Action Steps - Racism and Economics: The Social Impact of Recession," featuring representatives from The Fortune Society on March 3 at 7pm EST on Zoom ( RSVP here ). The majority of Swea

News: Interactive Digital Edition of "Chaos Theory" Continues This Weekend

  Image courtesy of Nichole Mottershead Chaos Theory begins as a lecture about chaos theory that quickly devolves into a series of interactive games inspired by the science of chaos theory, reality dating shows, middle school crushes, and the butterfly effect to end all butterfly effects: COVID-19. The audience is guided by mathematical scientist, Dr. Genevieve Saoch, whose personal life hilariously interferes with her ability to be objective about her research as a Chaologist. Through a series of participatory experiments, audience members are invited to embrace their inner chaos agent. Chaos Theory  is a NY Times recommended comedy show and winner of the Immersion Nation Best Social Immersion Award 2019. After a robust run as a live show pre-COVID-19 at Caveat, Here Arts and others, the digital adaptation premiered May 1st, 2020, in partnership with Caveat, NYC and now comes from NYC to Curious for a special two-week digital run Feb. 25th through March 7. Writer and performer, Jess

Review: In "Hotel Good Luck," We Shouldn't Check Out Just Because We'll All Leave

  Hotel Good Luck Written by Alejandro Ricaño Translated by Jacqueline Bixler Directed by Samuel Buggeln Co-presented by The Cherry Artists' Collective and New Ohio Theatre via YouTube February 12-20, 2021 Seth Soulstein and Desmond Bratton (background). Courtesy Emily Owens PR It's never a bad time, exactly, to reckon with mortality, but perhaps now is a better time than some, as suggested by the remarkable final image of The Cherry Artists' Collective and New Ohio Theatre's co-production of Hotel Good Luck , from award-winning Mexican playwright Alejandro Ricaño (translated by Jacqueline Bixler). This silent concluding shot movingly uses the space of Ithaca's State Theatre itself to reflect simultaneously the profound sense of loss and absence endemic to the past year and the themes of this play's wry, intermittently absurdist, melancholic journey towards existential consolation. Hotel Good Luck tells its dimension-hopping story using only two actors. We b

Review: "The Kitchen Plays" Serves Up Three Satisfying Courses

The Kitchen Plays Passion Project Written by Cassandra Paras Directed by Byron Anthony Ginger Bug Written by Jake Brasch Directed by Amber Calderon For the Family Written by Madison Harrison Directed by Diane Davie Presented by Eden Theater Company via Zoom February 5-20, 2021 Larry Fleischman and Cassandra Paras. Image courtesy Emily Owens PR Beginning last summer, Eden Theater Company's virtual short-play series The Room Plays has brought us into characters'--and actors'--bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. The series now concludes, appropriately enough, in a place of creation with The Kitchen Plays , a final trio of short works that return to the first installment's focus on people negotiating their lives under the current conditions of the pandemic. Sharply drawn and crisply acted, The Kitchen Plays furnishes a strong finish to the series. The strong start to this strong finish arrives in the form of Cassandra Paras's Passion Project . Larry (Larry Fleis