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Review: "Far Away" Hits Close to Home

Far AwayWritten by Caryl ChurchillDirected by Cheryl FaraonePresented by PTP/NYC via YouTubeOctober 15-18, 2020PTP/NYC (Potomac Theatre Project), in association with Middlebury College, has been presenting its thirty-fourth season virtually, and Caryl Churchill's 2000 play Far Away concludes this season. These performances, presented via PTP/NYC's YouTube channel, have been free, but not only are any donations welcomed by PTP/NYC but 10% of all donations benefit the National Black Theatre, the oldest continuously-operated Black theater in New York City. Assured and entertaining, PTP/NYC's production of Churchill's absurdist indictment of human violence, oppression, and tribalism feels powerfully relevant to our present moment.

The play opens with a close-up of an eye, then eyes, suggesting the themes of witnessing, secrecy, and perspective to follow. Far Away, which comes in at under an hour, is divided into three sections, each divided by several years. In the first,…

News: "Risk!" Storytelling Podcast Next Episode Oct 9 and Halloween Special Oct 23

The next RISK! Live Online Show will take place on Friday, October 9 at 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT Kevin Allison (The State) and a fantastic crew of storytellers will come together for RISK!'s latest live online show. This show will be broadcast via a webinar format on Zoom, and will feature incredible true stories from Jamie J. Brunson, Alex Edelman, Jessieca McNabb and M.J. Kang. The price: $15, and only 100 tickets are available.
Ticket link: register/3315984743950/WN_ NJDspE02Qr6PmaDe9RSWPA

Coming up later in the month, the Halloween RISK! livestream happens on Friday, October 23 at 10pm ET / 7pm PT. This will be the show's annual Halloween show, and a special celebrity guest will be guest-hosting on this night, to be announced shortly!

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News: Outdoor, Socially-Distanced Pop-Up Solo Performances Coming This October

A handful of intrepid solo performers are presenting live, outdoor pop-up performances of their acclaimed solo shows this fall. These intimate storytelling events are presented using the LiveTours app and performed for an audience of 14 or less. Ticket buyers must have a smartphone and headphones or earbuds. By downloading the app in advance, patrons will be able to clearly hear the performer while being able to maintain a safe social distance. The exact meetup location (as well as instructions and safety protocols) will be emailed to ticket buyers in advance of the performance. It is suggested that patrons bring their own pillow/blanket/portable chair for seating and wear comfortable shoes. Face masks must be worn at all times -- no eating or drinking during the course of the event. In case of rain, refunds will be issued. Tickets are $20 each, available at

Currently scheduled performances include:

Written and performed by Jessica Sherr. D…

Review: "Zero Cost House (for Zoom)" Offers Thoreau-ly Entertaining Deconstruction

Zero Cost House (for Zoom)Written by Toshiki OkadaTranslated by Aya OgawaAdapted and directed by Dan RothenbergPresented by Pig Iron Theatre Company via ZoomSeptember 18-25, 2020The extra-diegetic echo that Pig Iron Theatre Company's first digital presentation, Zero Cost House (for Zoom), includes a natural disaster interrupting development of a play represents precisely the kind of layered resonances that suffuse the play itself. Written by Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada and elegantly staged by Pig Iron, Zero Cost House, reimagined for virtual presentation after a live debut in 2012, playfully and thoughtfully troubles the boundaries of identity as well as the lines between artist and character, autobiography and fiction, and self-presentation and performance.

Divided into three chapters, with a short intermission, Zero Cost House ostensibly tells the story of Okada's attempt to adapt Henry David Thoreau's Walden (1854), a vitally important book to his younger self, an …

News: "Ghost Hunt: The Hall-Mills Double Homicide," an Asynchronous Multi-City Theatrical Adventure, Has Begun

Thinkery and Verse (Karen Alvarado and J.M. Meyer, co-artistic directors) and Butch Mermaid (Ania Upstill, artistic director) have annoucned their collaboration in the world premiere experiential production of Ghost Hunt: The Hall-Mills Double Homicide, based on their more traditional Hall-Mills stage-play, Thou Shalt Not, which was set to premiere this spring in New York City. Part podcast, part gaming (think Pokemon Go), part theatrical production, this unique experience is entirely Covid-19 safe (set in a NJ community which has lost over 1400 people to the illness) and uses a free gaming app called ‘GeoCaching,’ in which audiences will track, hunt, and discover hidden caches at locations tied to Hall-Mills murders.

Ghost Hunt is a geo-cached audio adventure that invites participants to experience the story of a tragic double homicide at the sites where the murders occurred and justice was lost. “This is an innovative, experimental, and experiential audio adventure,” says producing …

Review: "#txtshow (on the internet)" Virtually Makes Us All Playwrights

#txtshow (on the internet)Created and performed by Brian FeldmanPresented by the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival (September 10-October 4, 2020) and Rochester Fringe Festival (September 17-26, 2020) via ZoomTickets available at: Philadelphia Fringe; Rochester FringeWatching Brian Feldman's experimental, immersive, interactive #txtshow (on the internet) brought to mind the plot thread in Umberto Eco's novel Foucault's Pendulum in which the protagonists use a computer to generate randomized assemblages of texts to help them to create a fabricated history, which is then received as real. Here, the character txt (Feldman) speaks assemblages of spontaneously generated text(s) from the audience in order to create the reality of the show, which, strictly speaking, is also made up of everything else going on the viewer's screen at the same time. It's all very postmodern. It's all very fun.

Feldman's shows through the Philadelphia and Rochester Fringe Festivals are…

News: Socially Distanced Performance "Static Apnea (2020)" Begins Sept. 12

the american vicarious in collaboration with The Invisible Dog Art Center will present the New York Premiere of Static Apnea (2020) a socially distanced performative installation beginning performances on September 12, 2020.

Conceived and directed by Founding Artistic Director, Christopher McElroen, Static Apnea (2020) features text by Julia Watt and is performed by Isabella Pinheiro and Jenny Tibbels. The design team includes Troy Hourie (Installation Designer), Zach Weeks (Lighting Designer) and Andy Evan Cohen (Sound Designer).The discipline of holding one’s breath underwater, motionless - static apnea. Breath has been taken away. By a virus. By a knee. By the uncertainty. The struggle to restore it has rendered us motionless, collectively holding our breath.

Do you know how long you can hold your breath? Would it be long enough to save yourself? Would it be long enough to save someone you love?

One audience member, surrounded by a tunnel of blue light, descends towards a single pe…

News: Artistic Stamp Launches Inaugural Season of Interactive Plays-By-Mail

Presenting original work from six award-winning playwrights--Ben Bonnema (The Apple Boys) , November Christine, Matt Schatz (UNTITLED a New Musical Comedy about Serious Drama, The Burdens), Jahn Sood (The Disappearing Man, We Were an Island), Elyne Quan, and Natalie Ann Valentine--Artistic Stamp will produce a season of interactive experiences that take audience members on unique journeys via handwritten correspondence. The audience becomes a character in the story, reacting and replying to the letters received and playing a role in deciding the outcome. All of this takes place during a seven-letter narrative arc that plays out over the course of September to December. In a time when theatergoers can’t venture out, Artistic Stamp brings the plays home.“Almost overnight we experienced the disappearance of live theater; the art form to which we’ve devoted our entire professional lives,” said West Hyler (Cirque Du Soleil Paramour, Big Apple Circus) and Shelley Butler (A Doll’s House Par…

Review: Queer "Midsummer Night's Dream" Offers a Most Rare Vision

A Midsummer Night's DreamWritten by William ShakespeareDirected by Brandon Walker and Erin CronicanPresented by The Seeing Place Theater via ZoomAugust 29-30, 2020 [UPDATE: extended on YouTube through 9/5; get streaming tickets here.]In her 2010 book The Promise of Happiness (Duke University Press), Sara Ahmed notes that "heterosexual happiness is overrepresented in public culture," so much so that it becomes "difficult to separate out narrative as such from the reproduction of happy heterosexuality" (p. 90). Queer reimaginings of canonical texts, such as The Seeing Place Theater's virtual reading of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, thus perform a vital role in constructing a robust counterdiscourse within our heteronormative culture. And in an echo of Shakespeare’s interplay between the real and the fantastic worlds in the play, The Seeing Place's entertaining and inventive Dream also donated all proceeds to benefit The Ali Forn…

News: the cell theatre Premieres "Tolerance Party" Live Online on Sept. 1

Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre has announced the premiere of its first serialized online broadcast Tolerance Party: #1 "Ice Breakers,which will be available to stream via its website. Six strangers are brought together in a video chat by an unknown entity and are given a group task, but no one can agree on what it is. They've received written instructions--they think--and carry with them a belief in a larger purpose. How can these folks learn to co-exist inside a new world order that doesn’t obey the rules of time and space? 
This dark comedy written and directed by Joseph Hendel (Katzelmacher, USA) is a serialized plunge into the social politics of the xenosphere. Audiences are encouraged to participate in a live chat function that will help determine the fate of the characters in following episodes. The cast includes Corey Allen (Mindhunter, Manh(a)ttan) Bob Jaffe (Sweetbitter, Brotherhood, Memory Retrograde) Heather Mo’Witz, Richard Urquiza, India MeƱete, and …

News: Theatre Now's Bi-Weekly Web Series" Behind the Lab" Begins Today

WHO: Theatre Now
WHAT: Theatre Now New York presents “Behind the Lab,” a biweekly web series
WHEN: August 19th, continuing through the fall

Beginning today, Theatre Now New York is presenting Behind the Lab, a biweekly web series spotlighting the songs and the songwriting process of Theatre Now Writers Lab members. The series will feature new music, interviews with the artists, and general discussion on how creativity can continue to flourish in uncertain times.

The series will be available on Theatre Now New York’s YouTube channel. Featured writers will include Dylan Glatthorn and Will Lacker, Casey Kendall and Jonathan Bauerfeld, Thicket & Thistle, Henco Espag and Kathy Ng, Jonathan Keebler and Bob Kelly, Ethan Crystal and Garrett Poladian, Jonathon Lynch, Paul Cozby, Matt Patrick Walsh, and Michael Finke. The series is hosted by Tom Morrissey, Artistic Director of Theatre Now, and Colleen Harris, Associate Managing Director.


Review: The Neo-Political Cowgirls Rustle Up a Medley of Female-Identifying Talent for Their Annual Gala

Andromeda's Sisters: An Arts & Advocacy ForumWritten, choreographed, and directed by various artistsPresented by The Neo-Political Cowgirls via Musae and ZoomAugust 14, 2020 On August 14th, not-for-profit dance theater company The Neo-Political Cowgirls (NPC) held the first part of its fourth annual fundraising gala, Andromeda's Sisters: An Arts & Advocacy Forum, virtually, presenting a series of monologues and dance pieces created by female-identifying artists. NPC and its gala are dedicated to, as Founding Artistic Director Kate Mueth said, the need to protect and amplify women's creative voices. One need look no further than this past week's attempts to label Kamala Harris "mean" and "nasty" (a tactic that may sound familiar) because of having displayed insufficient deference to powerful men for an example of the way that patriarchy continues to work to police gender roles and to silence women and thus of the continued urgency of the work …

News: Kinesis Project dance theatre Live-streams "Breathing with Strangers: Along the Water's Edge," August 14-23

Kinesis Project dance theatre will present Breathing with Strangers: Along the Water's Edge, live-streamed from waterfronts across New York and Pennsylvania from August 14-23, 2020 at 6:30pm EDT. A site-specific, large-scale outdoor dance performance, Breathing with Strangers is a ragged, sweeping and surprising love song to New York City. Two dancers meet, twist, and wind through the pathways of various waterfronts. These dancers will appear in unlikely and beautiful places. Viewers will hear stories of New York interactions and can share their own here.
Breathing with Strangers will surprise and delight all ages. RSVP here for the free series. More information is available here.

August 14, 2020 at 6:30 PM EDT
LIVE: Summer on the Hudson presents: LiveStream from Riverside Park South
Sumaya Mulla Carrillo and Jiemin Yang perform Breathing with Strangers as a duet.

August 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM EDT
LIVE: Kinesis Project presents: LiveStream from Inwood Hill Park
Melissa Riker performs Brea…

News: Battery Dance Presents $1 Virtual Workshops Taught by Battery Dance Festival Performers, August 14-22

Battery Dance has announced $1 virtual classes, continuing the tradition of offering "free" workshops as part of the Battery Dance Festival. There will be nine diverse workshops taught by choreographers from around the world over Zoom. The hour-long classes will run August 14-22, 2020, beginning at 10am EDT each day. Zoom links will be provided after registration. Reservation cost of $1 is non-refundable.

Friday, August 14
Will Ervin | Contemporary
Ervin's choreography has been presented at Dumbo Dance Festival, Brooklyn Ballet, Equilibrium Choreographer Showcase, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, University of Illinois, Earl Mosley's Institute for the Arts, Montclair State University, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, State Farm Center, American College Dance Association. A semifinalist in Jacob's Pillow Chance to Dance, Ervin will introduce his distinctive style in the first workshop opening this year's virtual Festival.

News: Theatre Now New York Accepting Submissions for Musical Writers Lab

WHO: Theatre Now
WHAT: Theatre Now New York accepting submissions for its Musical Writers Lab
WHEN: August 10th through October 1st of 2020 at 7pm EST

Theatre Now New York, a non-profit artists service organization and theatre company dedicated to supporting musical theatre writers is accepting submissions for their Writers Lab with two new slots available. The Lab is a community of musical theater writing teams who meet regularly working on the development of new musicals through Lab presentations, sharing their process and offering support. Lab members benefit additionally from Theatre Now that includes developmental productions, publishing and licensing. This is a highly skilled, active, and collaborative group focused on embracing and fostering the diversity of musical theatre styles, forms, and creators. Theatre Now is seeking two new teams to join the Writers Lab this fall for a total of 12 teams.

The full guidelines can be found here and submis…

News: No Puppet Co. Presents Video Puppet Play "Crush" on YouTube Now Through August 20th

No Puppet Co. (Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar) are presenting the world premiere of Crush, a video puppet play written by Krista Knight, presented in six parts and released in separate installments on YouTube, from August 4th through 20th.

Picking up roughly from where Kafka left off—a loner, squatter, and rebel dares to love.
We follow the anti-morphosis through a series of beat poetry performances as our hero draws nearer to the object of his desire and his undoing.

Playwright and co-creator Krista Knight is a Juilliard School Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program Fellow (2016-2018), Page 73 Playwriting Fellow (2007), MacDowell Fellow (2008), Shank Playwriting Fellow at the Vineyard Theatre (2011-2012), Vanderbilt Writer-in-Residence (2020), the Chance Theater Resident Playwright (2020), and winner of the Heideman Award at Actors Theatre of Louisville (2016). Co-creator Barry Brinegar is a composer, performer, and multi-media artist originally from Siloam Springs, Arka…