News: Outdoor, Socially-Distanced Pop-Up Solo Performances Coming This October


Photo courtesy Spin Cycle PR
A handful of intrepid solo performers are presenting live, outdoor pop-up performances of their acclaimed solo shows this fall. These intimate storytelling events are presented using the LiveTours app and performed for an audience of 14 or less. Ticket buyers must have a smartphone and headphones or earbuds. By downloading the app in advance, patrons will be able to clearly hear the performer while being able to maintain a safe social distance. The exact meetup location (as well as instructions and safety protocols) will be emailed to ticket buyers in advance of the performance. It is suggested that patrons bring their own pillow/blanket/portable chair for seating and wear comfortable shoes. Face masks must be worn at all times -- no eating or drinking during the course of the event. In case of rain, refunds will be issued. Tickets are $20 each, available at

Currently scheduled performances include:

Written and performed by Jessica Sherr. Directed by Karen Carpenter.
Jessica Sherr channels 31-year old Bette Davis’ fight against the male-dominated studio system. On the night of the 1939 Oscars, Davis returns home knowing she’s to lose Best Actress to Vivien Leigh’s Scarlet O’Hara, because the press has leaked the winners. Davis takes us on the bumpy ride of her tumultuous rise, as the tenacious actress fights her way through the studio system to the top, while triumphing over misogyny to win roles and compensation on par with her male counterparts. See what happens when someone who always wins...loses.
• Sunday, October 4 @ 4pm EDT - Upper West Side/10025
• Sunday, October 11 @ 4pm EDT - Upper West Side/10025
• Sunday, October 18 @ 4pm EDT - Upper West Side/10025

Written by Monica Bauer, directed by John D. FitzGibbon, and performed by John Fico.
Jerry and Vincent are deeply in love. But both men have secrets and inner voices reminding them of their unresolved pasts. Will they make it to the altar or will Vincent end up alone in an Alzheimer’s ward like his mother? A surprisingly hilarious romantic dramedy about love, sex, & the power of memory.
• Sunday, October 4 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn
• Sunday, October 11 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn
• Sunday, October 18 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn

Written and performed by Andrea Alton.
Lady loving, nacho eating, toilet paper hoarding, Molly “Equality” Dykeman spent the first 3 months of quarantine writing her best poems ever. She spent the next 3 months trying to figure out Zoom and trying to steal wifi. Now she is putting all of that behind her and taking to the streets -- quite literally -- for a series of unforgettable live performances.
- Saturday, October 3 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn
- Saturday, October 10 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn

Written and performed by Renata Hinrichs.
Random Acts is set in the 1960’s at the height of the Civil Rights movement. It is here, in a church on the south side of Chicago that straddles the black and white neighborhoods, that a scared five-year-old white girl finds kindness in chaos. How far can the ripple of one act of goodwill go? Now grown, one girl's story proves that the effect of even a small good deed can reach further than ever imagined. “Well crafted and beautifully written... A story about kindness, about acceptance, bullying, peer pressure, friendship, breaking down of stereotypes and all of it told through the sublime, heart lifting performance of Renata Hinrichs,” notes Front Row Center.
• Sunday, October 4 @ 4pm - Chelsea, Manhattan/10011
• Sunday, October 11 @ 4pm - Chelsea, Manhattan/10011
• Sunday, October 18 @ 4pm - Chelsea, Manhattan/10011
• Sunday, October 25 @ 4pm - Chelsea, Manhattan/10011

Written and performed by Ryan F. Casey.
When Foster Lawrence was eighteen years old he fell from a fifth floor window in Manhattan. And does not know how. This incident served as his coming out as gay/queer. Ten years later, he attempts to find out what happened that night by navigating the New York City terrain and the NYPD. Foster begins to understand what privilege looks like in America; from 2006, to 2016, to this moment in 2020.
• Saturday, October 3 @ 4pm - Park Slope, Brooklyn


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