News: Tonight (4/4) Only: Virtual Screening of "(W/HOLE)" by AORTA Films in celebration of the EstroGenius Festival's 20th Anniversary

Photo courtesy Michelle Tabnick PR
The EstroGenius Festival presents a one-night-only virtual screening of the award-winning (W/HOLE) by AORTA Films on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 8pm. This screening is part of Estro on Film, a one-time, special event series created for these #stayhome times.

(W/HOLE) is an evening-length film created by queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films in collaboration with performance company the A.O. Movement Collective, exploring the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. This work aims to negotiate pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk and contextualizes itself as a choreographic process. (W/HOLE) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity: their glorious, illicit humanity.

At turns lush, humorous, sincere, erotic, joyful, and intense, (W/HOLE) forsakes traditional expectations of "porn" to create an unexpectedly textured landscape of desire. Amidst ecstatic water balloon fights, opulent feasts devoured without utensils, narrations of pleasure, lewd hand gestures, densely scored orgies, improvisational performance, and intense kink dynamics, (W/HOLE) proposes a new type of pornography: a world of queer sex that is at once surreally lush and intensely real. The film celebrates queer pleasure as resistance, while inviting viewers of all identities towards their own human capacity for pleasure.
Photo courtesy Michelle Tabnick PR
(W/HOLE) premiered at the Invisible Dog Art Center and has won Best Film (Fiction) at the Vienna Porn Film Festival, Best Feature at the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome, additionally screening at the London Porn Film Festival (closing film), Athens Porn Film Festival (opening film), BRIEFS erotic short film competition, BU Festival, LADYFEST Maastricht, Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, SECS Fest, and the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

Tickets for (W/HOLE) are $10 and can be purchased online here. This event is for mature audiences only.

Runtime: 1:37:21
Created by AORTA films in collaboration with the A.O. Movement Collective
Starring: Parts Authority, Trouble Clef, Special Guest, Papi Femme, Shay Knox, Erykah Ohms, The Shape, Evie Snax, Alice the Wolfe, and Ginny Woolf
Director: Mahx Capacity
Cinematography: Holyrad Studio
Editing and coloring: Lanee Bird
Directors of Photography: Lanee Bird and Saskia de Borchgrave
Original Score: Wet Henry
Costume Consultant: Papi Femme
Commissioned by The Invisible Dog Art Center
Executive Producer: The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity
Residency Support from Snug Harbor Cultural Center Botanical Garden, Jillian Sweeney + Jeffry Cranor

More Estro on Film programming:

Also available to stream as part of Estro on Film through 11:59pm tonight are four film works by four extraordinary choreographers. 

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online here.

The four films that are streaming now are:

by Garnet Henderson and Nick Tyson
(run time 22:03)

Directed, choreographed, and performed by Garnet Henderson
Cinematography by Nick Tyson
Editing by Nick Tyson and Garnet Henderson
Costume by Quinn Czejkowski
Filmed at The Muse Brooklyn. 

Odd Jewels: Beauty Under Mask
by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi and Aitor Mendilibar
USA, 2018
(Run time 8:26)

Same As Sister's "Odd Jewels: Beauty Under Mask," is a live performance work and its cinematic re-envisioning. The project continues to push the collective's use of non-linear storytelling in a landscape where fragmented bodies, projection, and sound interchange their roles as subject and object.

A film by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi and Aitor Mendilibar
Choreographed and performed by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi in collaboration with Hannah Caggiano and Kristina Hay
Cinematography and editing by Aitor Mendilibar
Installation by Cern
Video projection by Briana Brown-Tipley
Music by Visnja Krzic
Costumes and props by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi
Jewelry design by Melissa Draugsvold/Draugsvold Jewelry
Produced by Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley + Hilary Brown-Istrefi

Come diventare un partigiano
by Alice Gosti
(Run time 10:50)
A video documentary by Tumulto Video

With Anna Burini, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Sharon Estacio, Fabiana Mangialardi, Lorraine Lau, Kaitlin McCarthy, and Cecilia Ventriglia.
Performance by Anna Burini, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Sharon Estacio, Fabiana Mangialardi, Lorraine Lau,
Kaitlin McCarthy, and Cecilia Ventriglia
Directed and choreographed by Alice Gosti
Music composition and arrangements by Monika Khot
Music by Monika Khot and Hanna Benn
Lighting design by Amiya Brown
Costumes by Rachel Ravitch, K.D. Schill, Val Mayse, and Deborah Trout
Dress installation and design by Erik Holden, Val Mayse, and Deborah Trout
Technical design by Erik Holden and SANDFORD&GOSTI
Sculpture aura pendente by SANDFORD&GOSTI 2018
Other music includes "Toccata from Symphony for Organ No. 5" by Charles-Marie Widor, "Deux" by Jehan
Alain, "Testi lirici" by Hanna Benn, Richard Crashaw, Franco Fortini, Alfonso Gatto, and AliceGosti
Producer and company manager: Giulia Carotenuto

Choir members include Canti e-Terni diretto da Lucilla Galeazzi e composto da Ambra Battistelli, Lucio Conti, Marta D'Atri, Manuela Grilli, Roberto Leonardi, Alessandro Manciucca, Maria Serena Manciucca, Cecilia Marino, Erika Ottavi, Monica Petronio, Deborah Rim Moiso, Alessandro Rossi, Enrico Scarinci, Maria Teresa Torti, Maria Paola Trippa Ensemble Coristi a Priori, diretto da Carmen Cicconofri, e compost da Giulia Capacci, Lucia Sagretti, Martina Morbidini, Francesca Picchiò, Claudia Belia, Sara Millucci, Marta Polenzani, Massimiliano Carluccio, Francesco Foresti, Enrico Galletti, Nicola Pisello, David Gionangeli, Cristiano Marinelli, Gino Petrollini

Original collaborators include Kaitlin McCarthy, Colleen McNeary, Brittany Karhoff, Noelle Chun, Amy Ross, Lorraine Lau, Alyza DelPan-Monley, and Leigh Sugar.

[GET WELL SOON] you black + bluised, an exercise in getting well soon Day Three | A Pieace
by NIC Kay
(Run Time: 44:23 minutes)

"GET WELL SOON [exercises in getting well soon]" is a project/meditation based on the loose and often used phrase indicating a hope of recovery. These "exercises" have been articulated as movement, installation, games, endurance, ritual, poetry, and collective action. "[GET WELL SOON] you black + bluised" is a site-specific work that uses the architecture and positionally of Abrons Arts Center to wrestle with the blues and the "they" versus "us" paradigm. NIC attempts to do this through sound, movement, and tableau. A triptych each day approaches these themes from different settings and perspectives.

Day One | Prayer ( Amphitheater), Day Two | Protest (Underground Theater), Day Three | A Pieace (


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