News: The Farm Theater To Present Livestream Performance of "The Hierarchy of Fish" April 19th

Photo provided by Emily Owens PR
The Hierarchy of Fish
Written by Judith Leora 
Directed by Scott Hudson
Performed by Students at Shenandoah University

The Farm Theater will present a livestream performance of The Hierarchy of Fish, written by Judith Leora and directed by Scott Hudson, as part of The Farm’s College Collaboration Project with Shenandoah University. The livestream will be presented on Sunday, April 19 at 7pm on The Farm Theater’s Facebook page.

The College Collaboration Project has multiple schools commission an early career playwright to write a play that each school will independently produce throughout the academic year. The faculty, students, and playwright collaborate throughout the year in the development of the text. The script will be a full-length play with a minimum of five characters. The majority of the characters will be under thirty years of age so that undergraduate actors can successfully play the roles. The play will reflect the students' thoughts on the theme suggested by the playwright. 

In The Hierarchy of Fish, when a prominent professor at a liberal arts college refuses to use a student's preferred pronoun, it unleashes an intense battle over political correctness. A slur is painted on a door, a Slushie is hurled into a professor's face, and the students struggle to find the line between freedom of speech and the freedom to be their authentic selves.


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