News: Parallel Exit Presents Edition of Physical Theater Series MOVE IT! Via Streaming

Photo by Jim Moore
Parallel Exit is presenting an at-home edition of its annual free physical theater performance series MOVE IT! While normally performed in a live setting, this year's edition is presented through a video showcasing some of Parallel Exit's colleagues working in physical theater, dance-theater, mime, puppetry, circus, and variety.

MOVE IT! is the only performance series dedicated to physical theater in New York City. The purpose of the series is to elevate the public profile of physical and visual theater, featuring a free and accessible evening of short works from New York City physical and visual theater artists. Mark Lonergan, Artistic Director of Parallel Exit, chooses artists that represent the widest possible range in the field - mime, dance-theater, puppetry, vaudeville, circus - to offer our audience a rich and diverse evening of performances. The series has presented over 70 artists and companies, showcasing their work and building a larger audience as a unified group.

MOVE IT! features performances by:
  • Physical Theatre Company: Parallel Exit: Danny Gardner, Joel Jeske, Ryan Kasprzak, Brent McBeth, and Derek Roland
  • Physical Theatre Company: Broken Box Mime Theater
  • Circus and Variety Artists: Jan Damm, Ariele Ebacher, Angelo Iodice, Chloe Somers, and Thom Wall
  • Creator/Sculptor/Performer/Puppeteer: Kevin Augustine of Lone Wolf Tribe
  • Performers: Derek Roland & Allison Mckenzie Scott
  • Host: Mark Lonergan, Artistic Director of Parallel Exit


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