News: Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company Presents "Alone but Not Alone in Quarantine"

Photo courtesy Michelle Tabnick PR
In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Nai-Ni Chen is shifting her focus from working on a stage with lights, costumes, and a company of dancers who rehearse and create daily with her to advancing her art in the virtual world, attempting to discover the opportunities and impact of the coronavirus on the art of dance. "Alone but Not Alone in Quarantine" is Nai-Ni Chen's first step toward working collaboratively with her dancers in different parts of the country, creating new work while confined to their home spaces. Dancers whose home is in the New York area are in small apartments with very limited space, while those who are outside of the New York City area have different environments. These settings provide unique opportunities and challenges to the choreographer. Focusing on the theme of their confinement, Company members improvised and filmed their choreographed pieces at home, sending them to their director. Nai-Ni Chen then assembled the dance and added music according to the selected footage and her vision, reflecting the collective state of the Company at this time. The result can be viewed free online here:

The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company is also striving to help keep its dancers in shape by conducting regular Company classes online from both Nai-Ni's and Company dancers' living rooms. After a few weeks, as a Company rooted deeply in diversity and committed to the dancer's artistic journey, Nai-Ni Chen began inviting both world-renowned and up-and-coming dancers and choreographers to join and teach the classes. At the same time, company dancers translated their online dance teaching skills to serve K-12 students and students with disabilities in underserved communities. The response has been extremely positive, especially in this time when the Asian American community is experiencing racism and hate. In these trying times, dance has brought rays of hope and joy to the dancers' confined environments. 

Alone in our own domain,
forever dancing.
The sky is blue.
Our heart can hold the universe.
We celebrate the rich colors,
the love,
the wonderful smell of spring,
by connecting with each other through dancing. 
- Nai-Ni Chen


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