News: The Goddamn Dave Hill Show Returns Temporarily as Weekly Livestream Beginning Memorial Day

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The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, a live call-in radio show hosted by comedian Dave Hill that took a hiatus from WFMU over a year ago, will be returning temporarily as a weekly livestream due to a mild demand some have described as indifference. The show will return Monday, May 25 at 9pm EDT. Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf will be the show’s first guest.

In order to ensure that the show does not accidentally spin out of control and expand much beyond its cult following, fans can tune into the livestream only on the show’s original and, as of late, mostly dormant Facebook page and Twitch, where Dave hopes to find a new audience among gamers who have suddenly lost interest in games.

As usual, Hill will interview guests and take both video and audio-only calls from listeners around the world who somehow haven’t found anything better to do despite there being all sorts of Zoom shows and stuff now. Joining Hill, or “Dave” as he is also known, will be longtime sidekick James Fernandez (aka "Dez"), and Chris Gersbeck, who is also a longtime sidekick and head of a youth crime syndicate.

"These are stressful times," Hill said in a statement. "And while bringing back our radio program definitely won’t end this pandemic, it probably won't make it go on any longer either. I guess what I'm trying to say is we are just looking for something to do on a Monday during this odd period when we can’t finally try going to one of those paintball places like we’d always talked about doing one day as part of a fun outing that would hopefully help us get to know each other a bit better and also fulfill a shared desire to hurt each other in a goggle-friendly setting."

The revived version of TGDDHS is expected to last as long as the country remains under at least partial lockdown or until Hill gets bored.

"I'd follow Dave Hill anywhere, so long as it doesn't involve crossing two rivers, driving at night or basically anything to do with The Cure," said Dez, who ran the board and screened calls for Hill while it was still on WFMU. "When he made the call and told me show business needed me back to make these dark times bright, well how could I say no? I mean, doing this from home, I don't even need pants!"

TGDDHS originally launched in 2014, taking over the three-hour time slot long held by The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling. But in early 2019, Hill took a break from the program to finish writing his third book, Parking The Moose, and to focus on other projects including Witch Taint, his second stand up album, The Pride of Cleveland, and his weekly comedy podcast, Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident.

Viewers can watch the show live on the official TGDDHS Facebook page and on Hill's own Twitch channel, which he didn’t realize he even had until he tried to sign up the other day and found out he had already done it a while ago and forgot. Callers will be able to call into the show from both their phones and computers. Audio from the program will be released as a podcast as well.

The Goddamn Dave Hill Show makes its triumphant return on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25 at 9pm EDT and will probably last a couple hours or something.

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