News: Battery Dance TV Offer Free Weekly Virtual Dance Classes for Kids

Mira at 257 Elementary. Photo courtesy Michelle Tabnick PR
In the wake of school closures, Battery Dance knows that things are difficult for both teachers and students. As such, they will now offer free virtual dance classes for kids through Battery Dance TV in order to help keep minds and bodies engaged during this time.

Children will be guided through classes with teaching artists across New York, helping to keep them active as well as connected in this time of isolation.

For elementary school students aged 5 and up, half-hour classes include:

Hip-Hop for Kids
Mondays and Fridays at 3pm
Learn a new hip-hop style each week! Including popping and locking, dance hall, breakdancing, and more!
Teacher: Hussein Smko

All Kids Dance
Wednesdays at 3pm
Learn to move your whole body. Stretch and learn dance moves and dance vocabulary.
Teacher: Mira Cook

For more information and to view classes, visit Battery Dance TV.

Battery Dance launched Battery Dance TV on March 27, 2020 to provide free live dance classes and programming for the general public by Battery Dance and affiliated artists through a regularly scheduled program. Faced with the cancellation of its New York City public school dance classes and the postponement of its State Department Nigeria tour, and with its popular dance studios closed, the company staff members went into high gear (from living rooms and kitchens), creating online content. In its first five weeks, Battery Dance TV has been seen by more than 50,000 viewers in over 100 countries.

Battery Dance TV's regularly scheduled offerings include:
  • morning warmup/stretching/conditioning exercises 
  • mid-day classes in contemporary dance with afro, ballet and jazz fusion elements
  • evening classes in varied ballroom styles
  • a daily 4 pm short video by dancers performing in their living rooms
Battery Dance will tap into its international network to host Artists Talks every Sunday at 9:00 am (Eastern Time) with performers based in New York and from around the world, followed by Sunday classes in international dance genres such as Bharatanatyam dance from India, and African Fusion from South Africa.

Battery Dance also plans to expand its distance learning and programming by including online classes in lighting and production design, and classes in arts administration and cultural diplomacy. In the future, the Company plans to add short performances by youth around the world who will create short dances based on a specific weekly theme suggested by the Company.

Morning Classes & Instructors
Flow - Vivake Khamsingsavath
Stretch & Strength - Mira Cook
Conditioning - Sean Scantlebury

Afternoon Contemporary Classes & Instructors
Jazz Fusion - Jill Linkowski
Ballet Fusion, Improv and Musical Theatre - Bethany Mitchell
Storytelling & Repertoire - Hussein Smko
Afro Fusion - Sean Scantlebury

Evening Ballroom Classes & Instructor
Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, Swing - Razvan Stoian


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