News: Women Stage the World Parade on June 11, Times Square

Photo credit: Erik McGregor
The League of Professional Theatre Women, an organization which has been at the forefront of the gender parity conversation and championing women in the professional theatre for over 35 years, will lead the seventh annual Women Stage the World Parade on Tuesday, June 11 from 6-7 pm. The march will begin and end at the TKTS booth in Times Square, with the purpose of advocating for equal representation for women in theater.

Women Stage the World is an advocacy project designed to educate the public about the role that women play in creating theater and the gender barriers that they face as men continue to outnumber women by 4 to 1 in key roles such as playwright, director, and designer.

Women buy two-thirds of the tickets and represent 65% of the theater audience, yet 80% of the time, the storytelling on stage is shaped by men's rather than women's voices. The Women Stage the World Parade will prompt ticket-buyers to ask three vital questions as they make buying decisions: 

(1) Who wrote, directed, and designed this play?
(2) What is this theater’s track record in giving opportunities to women?
(3) How can you spread the word and promote women’s voices?
Like the suffragettes before them, Women Stage the World empowers women and men to become aware, take action, and influence others.

Parade participants will gather at the TKTS booth in Times Square starting at 5:30 pm. The march will commence at 6 pm and weave through Times Square and the Broadway district. The event is FREE, and the League of Professional Theatre Women invites all theater women and allies to participate in this march to boost awareness and advocate for more opportunities for women in theatre. 

All march participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite historical theater woman or in all white. Women Stage the World sashes and signs will be provided, as supplies last. 

If you’re a theatre woman or ally interested in participating in the event, please email


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