News: Donations Needed to Complete Renovations of UNDER St. Mark's Theater

Back in February 2019, just as the annual FRIGID Festival was scheduled to get underway, UNDER St. Mark's, one of the festival's two venues, suffered extensive damage from a combination of a burst pipe and, well, frigid temperatures in NYC, forcing it to shut down. With some last-minute rearranging and an assist from nearby IATI theater, the show(s) did go on, but now Horse Trade and FRIGID are asking for theater fans' help to complete repairs on this longstanding indie venue.

According to Managing Artistic Director Erez Ziv, about $15,000 are still required to finish renovations begun in December and complicated by February's damage. As Ziv wrote in a May 21 mailing, "It’s vital that we keep the spaces affordable, available and hospitable so artists don’t need a trust fund to create their work." 

Upcoming shows at UNDER St. Mark's include a night with Jackson Sturkey and His Orchestra on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm ("Music. Cabaret. Burlesque. All the mischief you’ve been searching for in the East Village under one roof. Imagine if the Mister Rogers show had been hosted by your drunk gay uncle, featuring some of the most talented performers you’ve never heard of – but soon will.") and True Crime: The Musical on Monday, May 27, 2019 at 7 pm ("Join musical improv duo Beautiful Dreamers [Maggie Lalley & Jillian Vitko] for a night that may get ... ugly. You give them the location. The victim. And the crime. They take you on a musical journey through the story of how it happened. And you better believe they get to the bottom of every case. One way or another.").

Help support an important site for indie theater in NYC and consider donating via Venmo or Facebook, or by becoming a member on Patreon. Members get access to merchandise, as well as exclusive discount codes and tickets to shows. 


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