News: No Peeking Theatre Presents "Look Don't Look: A Stage Fright Event" July 16

No Peeking Theatre, an experimental theater that is sensory, experiential, and 'blind,' presents Look Don't Look, a live performance event that is composed of people who have stage fright, on Saturday, July 16th.  “Over the years, says No Peeking founder Amanda Levie, "society has created more gradual and incremental ways to overcome the things that trigger stress and develop skill. Stage Fright and public performance are one of the very few things left that have little option other than the ‘jump in the water’ approach. We wanted to meet artists halfway and to include their stage fright in their journey of performance.” Look Don't Look is not only an exercise in compassion in fine arts, but it is also a tool for the artists in the lineup to use, one that was never previously there.

We all have romantic depictions of trauma shaping an artist’s genius (e.g., the archetype of the starving artist). On the other side of the coin, little more than extreme exposure therapy is the most common solution to stage fright, fear of public speaking, and even speech impediments. Look Don't Look rejects the binary approaches to artistic development: The line-up of performances will incorporate a more deliberate atmosphere, both sensory and accommodating to each artist. Some performers will sing to a blindfolded audience, some will play with their staging approach. No Peeking has sought to give them the most comfortable space to develop their work as authentically and confidently as possible. Furthermore, No Peeking is going to do what it does best: match an immersive component to each performance.

The hosts, Brian Pina and Sarah Shatz had been working together to overcome the trauma of negative experience involving the approach to overcoming stage fright. Needless to say, ‘the biz’ is not known for its compassion and approachable atmosphere. When Brian and Sarah approached Amanda Levie of No Peeking Theatre, this new approach to live performance was born. Luckily, all three of them were in good company: Headlining for the evening, The Self Perpetual is a musical project meant to be impactful with a combination of both a melodic sound and strong rhythm. Daniel Martin, a bassist and vocalist, accompanied by drummer Jimmy Ramos. The project has an overall experimental tone with uplifting chord structures that are emotionally engaging and laden with thought-provoking lyrics. The music is meant to breathe life into our struggles, to center ourselves in the tides of time, and bring a sense of triumph as we persevere through pain only as a teacher to our natural embodiment.

Look Don't Look will take place July 16th at 8:00 PM at The Vino Theater, 274 Morgan Ave. SUITE 201 Brooklyn, NY 11211. The Vino Theater is the home base for Sour Grapes Productions, which was a resident company of FRIGID New York from 2018 - 2021. Look Don't Look stars Brian Pina, Sarah Shatz, Empress JLaRock, Danielle Diesu, India Shanelle, Yulia Proshina, Eve Kat, Daniel Martin, and Jimmy Ramos, with accompaniment by Carl Danielsen

Tickets are available at: NOPEEKINGTHEATRE.ORG


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