News: Devised Movement Piece "Stella, Come Home," Based on "Streetcar," Plays July 22-23 and August 6-7

Beginning tonight (July 22), Et Alia Theater, in special arrangement with The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, presents Stella, Come Home, a devised movement piece based on Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire.

Stella, Come Home is a dance-theater piece that translates the iconic Streetcar into movement and dance through the bodies 
of Et Alia Theater Company's international women. The production explores what it means to perform this pinnacle of U.S. theater as immigrant women in New York City, one of the most heterogeneous cities in the world. Just as a reality-stricken Blanche longs for a return to her imagined Belle Reve, the performers are outsiders going through the painful struggle of letting go of their past, while the promised land of NYC forces them to face their truth: culturally diverse women still have to fight to claim their space.

Stella, Come Home is directed and choreographed by SarAika Movement Collective, with Associated Director Marina Zurita, and performed by Ana Moioli, Giorgia Valenti, Israel Harris, Luísa Galatti & Maria Müller, with music by Subcarpaţi, Abacaxepa, Liz Rosa, Divan Gattamorta, Malungo Beats, and many more.

SarAika Movement Collective is a movement collective based in New York since 2021, founded by Aika Takeshima (Japan) and Sara Pizzi (Italy), both immigrants, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC supporters and representatives. Their art is a form of activism, documenting key issues and topics, creating space for reflection. In order to achieve their mission of helping people find more freedom and possibilities in themselves, they make art about and for humans, breaking the concept of standard performance and creating collaborative, conceptual, interactive art experiences. Coming from a polyhedral education, Takeshima and Pizzi base their choreography on contemporary dance, partnering, floorwork, improvisation skills, storytelling, conceptual art and street style influences.

Et Alia Theater is a NYC-based theater company founded and led by international women and which brings together an unfamiliar combination of foreign and immigrant voices to offer them a space to explore and interchange their multicultural perspectives. It uses art to expose the obstacles experienced by immigrant women and to empower its community. As a company committed to blurring borders, Et Alia (Latin for ‘And Other) is not limited to a single form of work and creates conversations through different styles of theater, striving to make the ‘out of place’ a place and creating art for the Other, by the Other, and about the Other.

Stella, Come Home plays July 22nd and 23rd at 7pm at The Vino Theater (274 Morgan Ave Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11211) and again on August 6th at 2pm and 7pm and August 7th at 2pm at HERE (145 6th Ave. [Enter on Dominick, 1 block south of Spring]). The production at HERE is a part of SubletSeries: Co-op, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as a technical liaison.



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