News: Theatre Now's Bi-Weekly Web Series" Behind the Lab" Begins Today


Image courtesy Theatre Now

WHO: Theatre Now
WHAT: Theatre Now New York presents “Behind the Lab,” a biweekly web series
WHEN: August 19th, continuing through the fall

Beginning today, Theatre Now New York is presenting Behind the Lab, a biweekly web series spotlighting the songs and the songwriting process of Theatre Now Writers Lab members. The series will feature new music, interviews with the artists, and general discussion on how creativity can continue to flourish in uncertain times.

The series will be available on Theatre Now New York’s YouTube channel. Featured writers will include Dylan Glatthorn and Will Lacker, Casey Kendall and Jonathan Bauerfeld, Thicket & Thistle, Henco Espag and Kathy Ng, Jonathan Keebler and Bob Kelly, Ethan Crystal and Garrett Poladian, Jonathon Lynch, Paul Cozby, Matt Patrick Walsh, and Michael Finke. The series is hosted by Tom Morrissey, Artistic Director of Theatre Now, and Colleen Harris, Associate Managing Director.

Theatre Now New York’s Writers Lab is a community of musical theatre writers who meet regularly to work on the development of new musicals by presenting their works-in-progress, sharing their process, and offering and receiving support. Lab members benefit additionally from Theatre Now’s developmental productions, publishing, and licensing. This is a highly skilled, active, and collaborative group focused on embracing and fostering the diversity of musical theatre styles, forms, and creators.

Theatre Now New York is an artist service organization dedicated to the development, production, publication, and circulation of short and long-form musicals, by providing ongoing support for writers and their work in order to nurture voices and forms that push the boundaries of musical theatre. Since 2013, they have produced the annual SOUND BITES Festival of 10-minute musicals. Though currently on-hold, they are in production for developmental runs of three new full-length musicals from their Writers Lab as well as a cabaret series to showcase works in progress. In addition, they offer licensing support for new short- and long-form musicals. More information can be found at


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