News: Third Annual She NYC Arts Summer Theater Festival

The third annual She NYC Arts Summer Theater Festival, presented by She NYC Arts, will take place from June 19-30, 2019 at The Connelly Theater, 220 E 4th St., in Manhattan, NYC. The festival will feature work by women playwrights and composers, including eight full-length plays and staged readings of four plays written and produced by high school students. Productions include:

Playwright Jen Rudin
Beautiful Pasadena
Written by Jen Rudin
Beautiful Pasadena tells the story of a marriage in crisis at the start of the economic collapse in 2008. As Will begins an extensive remodel on their apartment at The Castle Green, a historic building in Pasadena, he and his wife, Rachel, up for a promotion at her law firm, clash over politics, family and world values. As they wait for an expensive bathtub to arrive from overseas, their marriage, the economy, and their bathroom begin to crumble around them.

Swim Before You DrownWritten by Ciara KaySwim Before You Drown is a dramatic comedy about recent college graduate, Harper, coping with the magnitude of life after college. Her and her best friend, Sam, can’t stand living in their small, “beige” hometown in the Midwest and both dream of escaping, even if that means losing each other. With everything in her life changing and on the brink of losing the one person she loves, Harper must deal with how to accept who she is in a world that fails to respect her and a Korean family that judges her even more.
ExposedConceived by Kristin Heckler, with Jacob Sebastian Philips, Sara Raimondi & Pauline SherrowLauren, a college freshman chooses to do adult films to pay for her tuition. When Lauren's secret is discovered she is bombarded with harassment from fellow students, social media and talk show hosts. She defends all of these criticisms with grace and intelligence, but are the consequences worth it?
The Bachelor Girls

Written by Caroline Wigmore & Jen Green1919, London: the dawn of the 'modern girl'. In a generation where only 1 in 10 women will get married, what do the other nine do? Glamorous Molly, bookish Gertie and sweetly naive Cecily are thrown into the world of flappers, dances, equal voting rights, love and loss. What happens when everything you have aspired to is taken away by war? Can their friendship survive as they fight to achieve their dreams? The Bachelor Girls uses 1920s style music and dance to tell a story of friendship and solidarity in extraordinary circumstances.
Written by Courtney Bailey Parker, Directed by Sandy Doria
Megan asks her Mexican boyfriend, Domingo, to only speak Spanish with her to help her improve her beginner language skills for their upcoming trip to Mexico City. The experience of speaking his native language with the woman he loves prompts him to start telling her some big secrets. Alternating between English and Spanish, this bilingual play restricts subtitles in performance. This forces the audience to alternate between being insiders and outsiders, depending on how much they speak of each language.

Dancing Girl
Written by Elinor T. Vanderburg & Drew Venderburg, Directed by Jenny Beth Snyder
When the Parisian police inflict tragedy on her community of Outcasts, Esmeralda--a resilient and fierce-hearted immigrant--vows to emancipate her people from a prejudiced system. But unlikely alliances, and impossible attractions, blur the boundaries between the oppressed and their oppressors, and Esmeralda soon finds herself at the heart of a passion-driven conspiracy. Expressively told through dance, spoken language, and sign language, Dancing Girl re-presents the themes from Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris, revitalizing the beloved tragedy for a new era. 

The Shoebox
Written by Kate Brennan
It’s 2007 and four high school best friends Hannah, Lauren, Emily, and Kristen gather in suburban New Jersey to write letters to their future selves. Unbeknownst to Hannah, the other three girls are planning to leave the night early to go to a party. When the girls reunite ten years later to open their letters, they are forced to reconcile with their relationships to the past, each other, and themselves.

Tickets for festival shows are $20 and will be available at beginning May 6, 2019.


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