News: Romeo and Juliet Cabaret "Masque of Night" Returns to NJ and NYC in June


Photo courtesy of Kampfire PR
The New Place PlayersThe Masque of Night, a cabaret of contemporary and Elizabethan songs intermixed with, as Stephanie Pietros put it, "Romeo and Juliet’s most iconic set-pieces" returns in June for performances in New Jersey and New York City. (you can read Stephanie's review of an earlier NYC performance here). 

The Masque of Night comes first to ​Princeton, NJ on June 7th and 8th, featuring Actors Studio lifetime member Clara Tristan as Juliet and recent Actors Studio MFA graduate Jorge Carrion Alvarez as Romeo. The performances will take place at the enchanting Hopewell Mountain Christian Church, near Princeton, New Jersey, a beautifully preserved wooden structure dating back to 1844. The Masque of Night offers a unique and intimate experience for theater enthusiasts. The venue's interior balcony, grand piano, original bell, and seating for forty guests create an enchanting atmosphere that complements the magic of Shakespeare's timeless tale.

The show then moves to ​Casa Clara, New York City, for performances on June 21st and 22nd. This return to Gramercy will happen just in time to celebrate the solstice in this former foundry and stone atelier, and it will feature Maximilian Macdonald and Elizabeth Lindsey as the star-crossed lovers.

The production is produced by New Place Players. The Production Manager is Rose Kanj, and the General Manager is Leah Michalos. Anna Bikales and Flavio Gaete both play supporting roles and serve as principal musicians. The Masque of Night features graphic design by Cristian Gastelo. Kenji Golden serves as Music Intern.

Tickets are $50 for THE MASQUE OF NIGHT in NJ. For The Masque of Night Summer Solstice at Casa Clara tickets are $25-50.



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