News: Phillipe Andre Coquet's "The Ho Must Go On" To Be Presented as Part of the 2024 Queerly Festival

Cauldron MultiMedium will present The Ho Must Go On, written, directed, and performed by Phillipe Andre Coquet. The production will be presented as part of the 2024 Queerly Festival with FRIGID New York at UNDER St. Marks (94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009), with performances on Saturday, June 29 at 9:30pm and Monday, July 1 at 7pm. 

Phillipe Andre Coquet is a 55-year veteran of stage and screen, and a multi-threat actor/singer/dancer/playwright/director. He was featured in the Broadway musical, Her First Roman which starred Leslie Uggams and Richard Kiley, and appears in the book Broadway’s Greatest Flops, and a revival of The Time of Your Life at Lincoln Center. He has acted and directed a ton of regional theater in quite a few cities, and his plays have won a few Fringe awards, including ‘Fringe of the Fringe’ and ‘Show that Breaks the Most Rules.’ He is also a co-star of the acclaimed Netflix-produced cult “cult” documentary Holy Hell, now available on Prime. The Ho Must Go On is a biographical burlesque, a confessional cabaret, a musical memoir. We follow Phillipe through his boyhood on the Broadway stage in the late 1960s, teen years as a disco queen in Hollywood of the 1970s, as a young adult in a New Age spiritual cult, and in a midlife career as an erotic masseur. This is all interwoven with unique interpretations of songs of the many sex worker characters in musical theater, from “Love for Sale” and “Hey Big Spender” to “Bring on the Men”.

The Ho Must Go On, in other words, takes us fully through a life, including impossible twists and turns, terrible decisions that somehow end up bringing blessings, and tiny moments of triumph and despair, all seen through the poetic, political, and deeply hopeful lens that is uniquely Phillipe’s. It is also a celebration of the many strong and brilliant women in history who have attained power in the world, against all odds, through the feminine seductive arts.

This solo show had its international premiere this last year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show includes quite a few on stage quick costume changes (including dresses, heels, and wigs!), nudity, erotic passages, audience participation moments, and a few dark and violent reminiscences. Tickets ($20) are available for advance purchase at The performance will run approximately 75 minutes.


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