News: Cause Celebre Presents "The Bread and Roses Gala" on April 21st

Join Cause Celebre Productions — a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization — for the upcoming Bread and Roses Gala on Sunday, April 21st, at 2 PM ET at the Ethical Culture Society (64th Street and CPW). The Gala will include: a performance of Unlucky Gal: The Jane Doe Story, followed by a special tribute to iconic folk singer Judy Collins, legendary attorney Martin Garbus, and former Deputy Chief of the NYPD Mike Osgood, as well as a very special surprise. A VIP reception follows. The Bread and Roses Gala takes its name from one of Collins' albums and has been a powerful political slogan — "Bread for all and roses too — striving for dignity and respect."

Unlucky Gal: The Jane Doe Story, is the second production in the series, “All The Court’s A Stage,” exploring seven controversial cases of legendary attorney Martin Garbus, described by The Guardian as “one of the world’s finest trial lawyers.” Other plays from the series, originally produced by Food For Thought Productions, include those based on Lenny Bruce, Penguin Books' The Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie, and a woman who was beaten and arrested for registering to vote in 1965.

Unlucky Gal: The Jane Doe Story is a compelling drama written by Susan Charlotte, directed by Antony Marsellis, and featuring a Broadway cast including Stephen Schnetzer, Larry Pine, Nesha Ward, Kit Flannagan, Jon Stewart, and Michael Citriniti. The play revolves around a twenty-seven-year-old black woman who was raped in Prospect Park in April 1994, and who told Garbus when they first met, "I have had the misfortune of being raped twice. Once in the park and once by the press." Mike McAlary of the Daily News published three articles falsely claiming Jane Doe lied. Jane Doe and Garbus sued McAlary and the News but lost. In 2013, the play Lucky Guy, based on McAlary, opened on Broadway. Martin Garbus wrote an editorial for The New York Times pointing out that Jane Doe’s story still had not been told, and asked, ‘Who will tell Jane Does’ story?” In 2017, Michael Osgood, Deputy Chief of the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit, heard a radio interview that mentioned the Jane Doe case and Martin’s op-ed article. Osgood read the article, and knowing Garbus’ extraordinary reputation, reopened and solved the case.

We sincerely hope you will join us on April 21st, where you will have a chance to hear how an innocent walk in broad daylight turned into a never-ending nightmare. Three decades have passed since that day. It is time to tell the story of Jane Doe. Unlucky Gal is that story.

Tickets for the play are $45 for Limited Priority Seating or $25 for General Admission. The performance is scheduled for 2:00-4:00pm. VIP Tickets: Play, Tribute, and Reception with Honorees, and Cast are $250, including priority seating for the play (Admission is tax deductible). A reception is scheduled for 4:00-6:00pm.

TO PURCHASE: Call 646-366-9340 or email or via EventBrite at

Proceeds from the event will be used towards the furtherance of the goals of Cause Celebre-- to connect theatre, film and television with compelling causes. Since December 2007, Cause Celebre has honored over 40 groups and individuals, including Tina’s Wish— early detection of Ovarian Cancer; Alzheimer’s Foundation; National Alliance of Mental Illness; Columbia University Medical Center; and St. Jude’s.

TIME Magazine calls Martin Garbus "legendary"; The Guardian says he is "one of the finest lawyers in the world." Martin has argued and written briefs submitted to the United States Supreme Court, a number of which have dramatically changed the law and benefited and altered the lives of millions of people, including one described by Justice William Brennan as “probably the most important due process case in the Twentieth Century.”

Cause Celebre will produce other plays based on the cases Martin Garbus tried, including the New York trial of Lenny Bruce (which played to sold-out audiences at Ethical Culture and will be presented again on July 21 and 22 at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank, CA), as well as a Jackson, Mississippi case where he represented a black woman suing the Sheriff after she was beaten and imprisoned for registering to vote! Unlucky Gal: The Jane Doe Story will again be seen on June 14th at 7pm as part of the Ethical Culture’s Juneteenth Celebration.


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