News: Hotsy Totsy Burlesque to Deliver the Spice with a Tribute to "Dune" on March 14th

The Houses of the Landsraad have folded space to gather to celebrate the handover of Arakkis to the House Atreides. Cherry Pitz has no idea what that means, but for her and the girls at the Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women, a paying gig is a paying gig. Even one with knives fit for political backstabbing.

On Thursday, March 14th, Hotsy Totsy finally tackles a burlesque tribuite to Dune, the sci-fi epic created by award-winning author Frank Herbert, whose books are the world's best-selling science fiction novels of all time. The 1984 film version, directed by David Lynch, is notoriously camp, and the more recent films, directed and co-written by Denis Villeneuve, are decidedly less camp and more entertaining! All things Dune are certainly deserving of the loving send-up that Hotsy Totsy is planning!

The event will be hosted by Handsome Brad and Cherry Pitz, with acts by Miranda Raven, GoGo Gadget, The Sweet Siren, Rocco Chanel, Luna Lee, gogo by Le Grand Chaton, and Betty Brash acting as Stage Kitten. 

17 years ago, the first Hotsy Totsy Burlesque was staged in New York, and it’s been a fabulous ride! As Hotsy Totsy moves into its 15th year of tributing its favorite movies and TV shows with rhinestones, glitter, and flying underpants, every month you are invited to The Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women. The residents of the home need money to keep their hotel open and to buy G-strings and glitter. Sadly, the shows have had their technical difficulties, and in the past, they have had to combat Daleks, Darth Vader, The Borg, zombies, The Ghost of Vincent Price, network censors, evil from other dimensions, and Covid-19. 

The Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Tribute to Dune will take place at The Slipper Room (167 Orchard Street, NYC) on March 14, 2024. Admission is $25 pre-sold reserved seating. For tickets go to: or Doors open at 7:00, and the show starts at 8:00. The The Slipper Room is 21+.

So, join Hotsy Totsy Burlesque at The Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women, where the motto is "We've fallen, we can't get up, and we like it that way!


April 11, 2024 - Muppets

May 9, 2024 - Star Trek



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