News: Christine Stoddard's "A Forest of Ancestral Dreams" on Display at Queens Botanical Garden through March 18th

Photo courtesy of Jay Michaels Global Communications
Vibrant, surreal, and imaginative are the words that best describe the artwork of actor, playwright, and artist Christine Stoddard. Stylistic drawings juxtapose recognizable imagery with abstract backgrounds — or foregrounds. Her Salvadoran mother and her Scottish father’s heritage, coupled with her own life-story, plus images of fairy tales, folklore, and magic, make her work a vast multi-layered story.

Stoddard is a prolific figure in the arts these days. She’s appearing in the Queens Short Plays Festival at The Secret Theatre; her film, Serena’s Gallery is currently on Amazon Prime, and her gallery exhibit is enjoying success at the Queens Botanical Gardens through March 18, 2024. She is also co-host of the YouTube program, Don’t Mind If I Don’t, and you can read our review of the 2022 production of her play Mi Abuela, Queen of Nightmares here.

"A Forest of Ancestral Dreams" is showing at Queens Botanical Garden
43-50 Main Street, Flushing, NY


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