News: "Moving Body – Moving Image: The Moving Body With Disabilities," A Biennial Dance on Screen Festival, Main Live Event April 3


Image Description: A black-lined grid overlays an image of Alice and Laurel outstretched in full horizontal flight. Alice, a multiracial Black woman with short curly hair and coffee-colored skin, and Laurel, a pale white woman with short-cropped brown hair, twist and connect in a black sky. Their hands link to each other’s wrists to form a human infinity loop in midair: Laurel on her back and Alice twisting sideways. Their wheelchairs glint in the light. Brandon, a mixed-race Black artist with long braids half tied up, signs in the top corners of the screen. Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson of Kinetic Light; still from One + One Make Three/Safety Third Productions.
Still from still One + One Makes Three. By Kamila Slawinski PR

The 2022 Moving Body – Moving Image Festival, a biennial presentation of dance films centering around issues of social justice, returns to Barnard College’s Department of Dance / Movement Lab. Since its inception in 2018, each edition of Moving Body – Moving Image Festival has focused on different subject matter: the first festival highlighted BIPOC bodies on-screen, while the 2020 online event (which reached close to 12,000 audience members from 61 countries worldwide) featured projects dealing with aging. Conceived and curated by the accomplished choreographer, dancer, teacher, and filmmaker Gabri Christa, this year’s edition takes on The Moving Body With Disabilities, with a special block of programming devoted to visual impairment and the artists who live through this experience.

The 2022 festival features an installation comprising four video works, available on view at the Millstein Center at Barnard College from March 28-April 3, and a live event, held on Sunday, April 3 at Barnard College’s Glicker Milstein Theatre in the Diana Center (both buildings are located on the university’s main campus – 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027). The live event on April 3 will consist of two programs of short films and a screening of a feature documentary, Vision Portraits. Vision Portraits chronicles the creative paths of blind and visually impaired artists, including a photographer John Dugdale, writer Ryan Knighton, dancer Kayla Hamilton, and the film's director, Rodney Evans. It will be followed by a conversation with Evans and Hamilton, who will discuss audio descriptions for film and movement.
A person wearing a denim jacket sits on the subway with their eyes closed holding the handle of a cane.
Still from Vision Portraits. By Kamila Slawinski PR.
Festival founder and curator Gabri Christa explains: “My personal connection to disability comes from my mother who was a Special Ed teacher and worked with teenagers with physical and mental impairment. I also have members of my extended family who are living with disabilities; my mother is now wheelchair-bound. I started the Moving Body - Moving Image Festival to give voice to different social justice issues, to think deeply about them, to make them visible. I seek to create a better understanding, through art, of the people perceived as 'the other.' I am also interested in films that show people and themes not covered by the mainstream media. I strive to make sure all our juried selections highlight the central theme – this year, persons living with disabilities – and that the people on screen have full agency in the work they are a part of.”

The April 3 live event is free and open to the public but registration is required. To RSVP, click here.

All of the festival content (including a recording of the discussion with special guests and festival film submissions not featured in the screenings) will be available for viewing from April 4 – April 11 on the website. For more information, including all artist bios and film synopses, visit

You can also view the festival video trailer here



Short film screening, Program 1 – 12:30pm
Short film screening, Program 2 – 2:00pm

Short films:

Gimp Gait

USA | 2016 | 5’06”
Director and Choreographer: Pioneer Winter
Performers: Marjorie Burnett and Pioneer Winter

Phoenix Dance

USA | 2006 | 22’23”
Director and Producer: Karina Epperlein
Choreographer: Alonzo King
Performers: Homer Avila, Andrea Flores, Alonzo King


USA | 2010 | 4’36”
Director and Choreographer: Robert Dekkers
Performers: AXIS Dance Company: DeMarco Sleeper, JanpiStar, Yuko Monden Juma

Uath Lochans

Scotland | 2015 | 7’14”
Director and Camera: Katrina MacPherson
Performer: Marc Brew

Stopgap in Stop Motion

UK | 2017 | 4’40”
Director, Writer, and Producer: Stephen Featherstone
Performers: Stopgap Dance Company: Amy Butler, Laura Jones, Nadenh Poan, Chris Pavia, Hannah Sampson, David Toole, David Willdridge, Tomos Young

One + One Makes Three

USA | 2021 | 27’36’
Director: Katherine Helen Fisher
Creative Director and Choreographer: Alice Sheppard
Performers: Jerron Herman, Laurel Lawson, Brandon Kazen-Maddox, Catherine Nelson, Alice Sheppard

Moods in Three Movements

USA | 2021 | 4’10”
Director and Producer: Ralph Klisiewicz
Performer: Kris Lenzo

From Me

UK | 2021 | 4’30”
Artistic Director: Alison Ferrao
Performers: Dancer Development Course (2019-21) at Magpie Dance

Screening, feature documentary – 4:00 pm

Vision Portraits
USA | 2019 | 78’
Writer and Director: Rodney Evans
Performers: Rodney Evans, John Dugdale, Kayla Hamilton, Ryan Knighton, Anton Federov

Live discussion with special guests – 5:00 pm

With director Rodney Evans and dancer Kayla Hamilton
A person wearing a pink hoodie and pink boxing gloves stands with their hands raised in front of their body and their eyes closed. The hoodie has colorful textural embroidery on it, including orange polka-dots and a red cartoon cyclops octopus with a smiling mouth of teeth.
Still from Yo Obsolete. By Kamila Slawinski PR.

On view onsite and online:

Re:collections / 再次·回顧

USA | 2021 | 20’48”
Director and Writer: Yo-Yo Lin

Yo Obsolete

USA | 2021 | 23’40”
Installation, Writer, Designer, Audio Description, and Performer: Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez

Infusion No. 1

USA | 2020 | 3’
Director, Writer, and Producer: Lauren Henschel
Performer: Lauren Henschel

Reading Through the Body

Austria | 2016 | 7’42”
Director and Writer: Mersolis Schöne

Two people wearing dark clothing lean against each other, making contact with their upper bodies. The person on the left has their back to the camera and has a tattoo on their upper back. The person on the right is facing the camera and has one leg.
Still from Phoenix Dance. By  Kamila Slawinski PR.

Online only:


Germany | 2021 | 4’27”
Director and Producer: Anna-Lena Ponath

How to Train an Antihero

Greece | 2021 | 26’32”
Director, Production Designer, DP/Camera: Yannis Bletas
Performers: Stelios Vourvahakis, Panagiotis Lykos, Rafaela Fragkiadaki, Mixalis Driyannakis, Despina Petsaggouraki, Stella Lagoudaki, Maria Dramitinou, Kostis Misha, Stelianna Papadaki, Manolis Stavroulakis

Who is Honorine Platzer?

Greece | 2021 | 22’44”
Performers: Katerina Avramopoulo, Konstantinos Adamopoulos, Marios Apostolidis, Antonis Themelaros, Persa Kokisa, Kerasia Michalopoulou, Fotis Banavas, Aggeliki Pantazi, Aggeliki Sakellariou, Konstantina Tsimpragou, Dimitra Giassa, Matina Theodorakopoulou, Sophia Lamprou, Konstantinos Papayiannis, Evi Spiratou-Livieratou, Elpida Antonopoulou, Sophia Papanikolaou, Katerina Gevetzi, Aristea Kontrafouri, Nikos Koniaris


Marjorie Burnett, Gabri Christa,Guy de Lancey, Yo-Yo Lin, and Josalynn Smith


Gabri Christa, Festival Founder, Director, and Curator
Guy de Lancey, Technologist, Designer
Allison Costa, Associate Producer and Website Designer
Noa Weiss, Movement Lab Post Baccalaureate Fellow and Assistant Producer
Josalynn Smith, Media Specialist, Media Center, and Assistant Producer
Katie Glasner, Artists Liaison
Abby Lee, Editor

The 2022 Festival is a production of Barnard College’s Movement Lab, the Sloate Media Center and the Barnard/Columbia Department of Dance, and was made possible through the support of many filmmakers and colleagues. Funding was provided by Barnard College, a DEI Council grant, and a Pilot Project grant from the Global Brain Health Institute, Alzheimer Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society UK.


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