News: Absurdist Sci-Fi Drama "Alma Baya" Now Available On Demand


Absurdist sci-fi drama Alma Baya, written and directed by Edward Einhorn, is now available on demand until February 15, 2022. In the play, Alma and Baya live on a hostile planet in a pod designed to sustain just them. When a refugee arrives from another pod, they have to balance survival versus compassion. Watch Cast A or Cast B, or both - when you choose one cast's performance, you will get a discount code for the other show when you order.

You can read the writer's note here and our review of the in-person performance here.

Tickets are $25
Running time is 75 minutes. (NOTE: There is nudity in the show.)

Stranger Arrives, Cast A (low res) from Edward Einhorn on Vimeo.

Stranger Monologue, Cast B (low res) from Edward Einhorn on Vimeo.

Cast A: Sheleah Harris, Rivera Reese, Ann Marie Yoo
Cast B: Maggie Cino, JaneAnne Halter, Nina Mann


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