News: "Doggotainment" Live on Zoom: Bring Your Pet!


Photo courtesy Killy Dwyer
WHAT: Sour Grapes Prods Presents A Killer Killy Dwyer production of Doggotainment as part of the Down To Clown Online Theater Festival. Written by Killy Dwyer, directed by Bricken Sparicano, DP: Craig Schober

WHEN: May 29th 5pm EST 2pm PST and
June 2nd at 8:30 EST 5:30 PST

WHERE: Show is LIVE on Zoom!
Tickets: $15

Created and performed by bi-coastal “Mock$tar” musician & performance artist Killy Dwyer and directed by ward-winning performer and Assistant Director of Live Interpretation for the Wildlife Conservation Society Bricken Sparacino, Doggotainment makes those pet Zoom bombings that anyone who has been working from home is familiar with all part of the show. 

Get a new leash on life and let Killy and Tucker The Wonderpupper be your pack leaders for a power hour of pupper related Doggotainment, with songs like “I Wanna Smell Your Butt,” “Boop The Snoot,” and “Dog In A Basket,” along with tricks, treats, and a Best in Show contest starring all YOUR pups! With prizes for best costume, funniest teefs and waggy-est tail, this show will not only bring you and your pooch joy, but it will strengthen your bond and you might just walk away with howlarious prizes: including a personalized theme song for your doggo.
*In case it isn't clear, this event is designed to be attended on zoom by both you and your dog together. BUT that doesn't mean if you are dog-less you can't attend! The Doggotainment community will share its floofs and boofin’ woofers! Also, the show bends the rules for ALL animals to be part of the fun. Don't let your bird/cat/iguana/spider stop you from joining in!

Eventually, the creators hope to convert Doggotainment to an in-person show for dog parties and dog related events all over L.A. and the surrounding areas (and then: the world!). It will be a whole different dog and pony show then, but this online event will help to develop that live show, so your participation and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Buying a ticket to this show not only helps a new, queer-woman owned business get off the ground in L.A., but half of each ticket sale goes to a new theater (The Vino - Sour Grapes Prods) run by women in NYC.


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