News: "Beneath the Bikini" Comes to FRIGID 2020

Photo credit: Lindsay Taylor
The 2020 FRIGID Festival is fast approaching, with performances beginning on February 19 at the Kraine Theater and UNDER St. Marks in the East Village. In the lead-up to this annual showcase for storytellers, solo shows, and short works, we will also be highlighting some of the productions on offer. Next up is Beneath the Bikini.

Where: UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place
Manhattan, NYC

When: Monday 2/24 at 8:50 pm
Wednesday 2/26 at 8:50 pm
Saturday 2/29 at 5:30 pm
Sunday 3/1 at 6:50 pm
Friday 3/6 at 5:30
Sunday 3/8 at 12:10 pm

All shows are 60 minutes

What: “Beneath the Bikini” is an award-winning storytelling cabaret out of Orlando, Florida. In the 60-minute cabaret, writer and performer Katie Thayer regales audiences with her story of growing up “not so skinny,” her love of food, and finding the confidence to start a bikini advertising business.

Back in 2013, Katie Thayer, better known as “Bikini Katie” in Fringe circles, started a performance art piece called “Bikini Advertising Space,” in which she’d walk around in a bikini and sell ad space on her body. This piece has been going strong for seven years. Over the years, Thayer has experienced an array of reactions to her art, and, in turn, her body. In “Beneath the Bikini” she shares the different ways in which she has been perceived, as well as the different ways in which she perceives her own body.
Photo credit: Andrew Alexander
“It’s never an easy time to be a woman in America,” Thayer says. “Our bodies are the constant topic of debate for what we should be allowed to control, spanning everything from a woman’s right to choose, to not being able to be topless in public like our male counterparts. Beneath the Bikini is my story of being taught to hate my body, and instead finding the courage to love it.”

“Beneath the Bikini” combines a strong message and some emotional moments with laugh-out-loud comedy. Thayer's one liners and parody lyrics have been praised in her Orlando, Ottawa, and Kansas City runs. In Orlando, she won the Critic’s Choice Award for “Best Solo Show - Cabaret.”

Tickets are $18 and can be purchased here.
Additional information can be found here.

Keep checking back here throughout February for more FRIGID Festival news and reviews.

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