News: Leif Larson's "Shake the Disease" To Be Presented as Part of the 2024 Queerly Festival

Shake the Disease, a new play written by Leif Larson and directed by Matthew Pezzulich, will be presented as part of the 2024 Queerly Festival, an annual celebration of LGBTQA+ artists, with FRIGID New York at UNDER St. Marks (94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009). Currently a Fellow in Literary Arts with the Lucas Artists Residency Program, Larson is a Queer playwright born in L.A. during the Summer of Love when Charles Manson was assembling his Family. Cults were everywhere, and he was born into one. He recently woke up and got out. Now, he writes plays to share his experiences with his community in the spirit of strengthening its sense of empathy and understanding for each other. In addition to writing, Larson and his husband, visual artist Christopher M Tandy, publish a bi-annual fagazine, Blood of a Fresh Kill.

In Shake the Disease, River, a server at a resort, opens a vortex of queer power and rage after subverting a gay bashing. Part historical, part horror, Shake the Disease explores the Queering of the Russian River Valley in Guerneville, CA, the grit of what it means to survive, and the multiplicity of truth in how stories get retold.

The cast will feature Arthur Gorlorwulu, David S. Mielke*, Frank Murdocco*, Brandon P. Raines, and Giselle Muse (* Equity Approved Showcase). 

Shake the Disease will be performed on Wednesday, July 3 at 7PM. Tickets are available for advance purchase at The performance will run approximately 75 minutes.


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