News: FEARfest 2023 Short Play Festival Begins October 25th

New Ambassadors Theatre Company - a playwright-forward company that facilitates a radically inclusive, intersectional, and safe environment in which both the inexperienced writer and seasoned playwright finds encouragement, constructive criticism, and camaraderie throughout the development process, from conception to production, of an original work - will present its third and final short play festival of the year, FEARfest 2023. FEARfest 2023 begins on Wednesday, October 25th for a limited engagement through Sunday, October 29th. FEARfest 2023 features seven of the best in new, original horror and sci-fi themed short plays, with a regular schedule of Wednesday–Friday at 7:30 pm; and Saturday and Sunday 2 pm. Performances are at the Hudson Guild Theater (441 West 46th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues). 

This year's lineup features sci-fi, horror, and laugh-out-loud dark comedy. It includes: 

A YEAR TO GRIEVE, by Deirdre Girard

Best-Selling author Heather is excited that she’s finally finished writing her newest mystery novel, until one of her writing group members starts talking about the plot of his next book, which sounds frighteningly familiar.



Trapped and terrified by the monster he believes is under his bed, Clay makes a desperate call to his friend Howie. Howie, of course, is pretty sure he knows what the problem really is.


HYSTERICAL, by John Peña Griswold

Fleeing an unknown horror, Diane is confronted by an even creepier presence: bad jokes and manic positivity.


PRACTICE, by Caitland “Caky” Winsett

When a sleep demon gets assigned to a horny and slightly stoned Lucy, his job suddenly becomes 666 times harder than it should be.


THE BIG BAD D WORD, by Jennifer Downes

A high school senior struggling with anxiety and the lingering trauma of her mother's death is sent to her guidance counselor when she has a panic attack in philosophy class. The guidance counselor -- not trained for this -- tries her best to handle the situation, but what is there to say in the face of death?


THE BOWL, by R.A. Pauli 

Three employees on a lunch break discover an inverted bowl on the floor with a sinister message posted on it. Is it a joke or is it serious? Someone is about to find out.


THE RIGHT ONE, by William Oliver Watkins

A socially inept vampire talks to his therapist about his fears of spending all of eternity alone.


Tickets to FEARfest 2023 are $25. Tickets can be purchased online via or by calling 646-637-2709. Running time is 100 minutes with one intermission.


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