News: Via Brooklyn Theatre Co. Presents “Still…?!” The Podcast

Cori Hundt (she/her) & Danielle Joy (she/her) of Via Brooklyn Theatre Co. - an award-winning not-for-profit theatre company that develops theatrical productions, coupled with interactive programming, to engage audiences around the world - realized that, as women both in their 30's, they are about to age out of their lifelong dream of ever starring in a teenage rom com on the CW. So, instead, these elderly millennials have started a podcast about all the crap STILL going on in the arts and entertainment industry for female-identifying artists. Co-host Hundt says:

"Still…?!" The Podcast are the conversations that are already happening (and have been happening for decades) between female-identifying artists on break during rehearsals, on the train ride back from shows, lining up for auditions, and while waiting for company meetings to start. Danielle and I would go off on these tangents while working together, and finally we thought, "What if we just pressed record on these conversations?" And that’s how the idea for "Still…?!" The Podcast came to fruition. There are a lot of arts and entertainment podcasts out there, but we couldn’t find one solely dedicated to looking at the industry through a female-identifying lens and the issues, and celebrations, that come with that. So we decided to create it. We wanted to bring on guests to join in so we could gain unique perspectives, build community, and continue the conversations that female-identifying artists have been having for years about all the issues still going on in the industry on a much wider level.”

Hundt is a Via Brooklyn Co-Founder, as well as currently serving as one of the Co-Artistic Directors. She is an actor, producer, and writer who has performed Off-Broadway (59E59, Atlantic Stage 2, Abingdon, Broadway Comedy Club), regionally in the US (International Shakespeare Center, 12 Miles West, Southampton Cultural Center), and in the UK (EdFringe, The Wallace Collection), as well as in numerous film (Viacom), TV (HBO, Biography Channel, NBC Peacock), commercial, and print works. She has also served as a producer on a number of different productions (59E59, EdFringe, FringeNYC, Wallace Collection, International Shakespeare Center, Southampton Cultural Center, Spotify). Co-host Joy is an actor, producer and Via Brooklyn Artistic Associate, with notable credits including executive producing and acting in the award-winning New Media Series The Hunted: NYCSS, co-producing a site-specific production of Bare: A Pop Opera at St. John's Lutheran Church NYC, and associate producing the Via Brooklyn Digital projects Testament and Iron Anthology

"Still…?!" The Podcast, which released its first episode on July 12, 2023, is available for free on all major podcasting platforms (Click here to listen on Apple and click here to listen on Spotify), runs about one hour per episode, and is suitable for ages 15 and up. It features guests including actor, singer, and violinist Katy Ellis; actor, author, and mindfulness speaker Cassandra Bodzak; actor and independent filmmaker Shannon Harris; playwright Julia Izumi; actor, fight choreographer, singer, and producer Kaitlyn Farley; director Anna Ryder; actor and teaching artist Jessica Giannone; actor and video editor Kathleen Choe; and Villanova University Theatre and Gender & Women’s Studies Professor Dr. Bess Rowen. Episodes are released weekly on Wednesdays. For more, visit

Season 1 (9 episodes total):

Episode 1 - We Still Have to Talk About This

Episode 1.5- Why it's Still Important to Strike

Episode 2 - Still Talking About Ageism (with guest Katy Ellis)

Episode 3- Still Dealing with Body Image (with guest Cassandra Bodzak)

Episode 4- The Gender Pay Gap is Still an Issue

Episode 5- It's Still Important to Create Your Own Work (with guest Shannon Harris)

Episode 6- There are Still Underrepresented Jobs by Female-Identifying Artists (with guests Kaitlyn Farley, Julia Izumi, and Anna Ryder)

Episode 7- Cool Side Hustles are Still Important (with guests Kathleen Choe and Jessica Giannone)

Episode 8- What Academia is Still Like for Female-Identifying Academics (with guest Dr. Bess Rowen)

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