News: Staged Reading of One-Woman Dark Comedy "Brace for Impact!" 12/10


Always Wild Content presents a staged reading of Maia Nikiphoroff’s new dark comedy, Brace for Impact! on Saturday, December 10th, 7:00 PM at Culture Lab LIC.

Brace for Impact! is a hilariously dark, one-woman show about a flight attendant named Shiva who’s being haunted by a disheveled clown and fights to stay focused on the job while her father’s body is being cremated. Playwright Maia Nikiphoroff is a Paraguayan writer and actor based in Brooklyn, NY, who, before diving into the creative world, was herself a flight attendant, for Emirates Airline, and earned her BA in Marketing. In the play, the flight attendant, Shiva with the help of a disheveled clown only she can see, navigates moments in her life in which she destroys that which she loves. Only after there’s nothing left to wreck will she find the power of forgiveness and regeneration.

Grief is at the center of this dark comedy. Between questionable safety demonstrations and vodka-only drink service, Shiva purges all her relationships that define her as a "liberated woman," from her no-holds-barred relationship with her mother to those with the many men in her life – doctors, pilots, cousins, her ‘wonderful’ husband, and, most importantly, her dad. After every experience, every self-inflicted trauma, new armors come up, but like a Maori ready to dance the Haka, Shiva braces herself to go to work, war, love, and also to celebrate life.

The reading is a fundraiser for Culture Lab LIC and Women in Film Paraguay. Nikiphoroff made her debut as a writer, producer, and lead with the Spanish-language feature film Original Sin, which is a first-time co-production between the US and Paraguay. The film premiered at Austin Film Festival and went to over 20 international film festivals in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2022, she launched with her partner Austin Iredale the production company Always Wild Content and the campaign Stories Unite Us, featuring recycled-canvas tote bags that seek to empower people through their love of storytelling. 30% of the proceeds got to Women in Film in Paraguay (WIFPy), a free mentorship and workshop program for women passionate in learning how to tell stories through film.

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