News: "Prince Charming, You’re Late" Makes Its World Premiere June 29-July 23


Billy Hipkins. Photo by Billy Hipkins.
TigerBear Productions (Producer, Jerome Joseph Gentes) will present the world premiere of Prince Charming, You’re Late, a solo show written and performed by Billy Hipkins and directed by Perry Dell’Aquila (I Never Promised You...Rose Garden at The Triad) at Theatre Two at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036), from June 29-July 23.

Billy Hipkins appeared on Broadway for ten whole weeks in Anna Karenina, The Musical, toured as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and had lines on every soap opera that began with a vowel. His first solo show, The ALSO-RAN is viewable on his YouTube channel (along with several Miss Lindsey Graham videos), and when not posting snarky/informative videos, he happily works in Broadway wardrobe departments–27 shows to date. Prince Charming, You’re Late is Hipkins' true-life fable, a one-man middle-age-ed cautionary tale warning us to be careful who you crush on, or you might just get crushed. 

Once upon a time, the show recounts, a boy named Billy waited patiently for his Prince Charming to rescue him from his life among the commoners, so they could live happily ever after in some far-off kingdom where there would be lots of waltzing. And princess dresses. Many years passed before, one day, Billy’s Prince finally arrived, in the flesh! He was a noble, handsome, and downright charming man. Half Billy’s age and straight as an arrow.

Performances will take place on Wednesday, June 29 at 7pm, Thursday, June 30 at 7pm, Friday, July 1 at 8pm, Saturday, July 2 at 2pm, Tuesday, July 5 at 7pm, Wednesday, July 6 at 7pm, Thursday, July 7 at 7pm, Friday, July 8 at 8pm, Saturday, July 9 at 2pm, Sunday, July 10 at 7pm, Monday, July 11 at 7pm, Wednesday, July 13 at 7pm, Thursday, July 14 at 7pm, Friday, July 15 at 8pm, Saturday, July 16 at 2pm, Sunday, July 17 at 7pm, Monday, July 18 at 7pm, Wednesday, July 20 at 7pm, Thursday, July 21 at 7pm, Friday, July 22 at 8pm, and Saturday, July 23 at 2pm. 

Tickets ($25-$75) may be purchased in advance at The performance will run approximately 75 minutes, with no intermission.


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