News: Keith and The Girl's "Silent Trailers" Livestream Tonight (6/19) Features Liz Miele, Maddy Smith, Shane Mauss, and More


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Keith Malley and Chemda, hosts of the long-running Keith and The Girl comedy podcast, have announced the details of tonight's June 19 Silent Trailers livestream, the increasingly popular online game show which The New York Times recently named “the ultimate guessing game.” Competing as a team against Malley will be Liz Miele (Conan), Maddy Smith (Wild ‘n Out), Shane Mauss (Conan), and more. Tickets are on sale now for $10, with the option to obtain a $30 “backstage pass,” which will allow fans to virtually hang out with all the performers as they prepare to compete on the show.

Silent Trailers pits Malley against the aforementioned panel of comedians, who will attempt to decipher Chemda's descriptions of movie trailers. The catch? Chemda has virtually no celebrity knowledge, and Keith has seen every movie ever made. Literally. So while Chemda might be describing “that movie with Tom Hanks where he’s stuck in a time loop,” she may very well be describing Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. And somehow, Keith will still guess correctly.

Comedy Cake described this show as their “favorite movie-themed game show of the pandemic,” and previous contestants on the show have included Michael Ian Black, Pete Holmes, Chris Gethard, Lecy Goranson, Gilbert Gottfried, Aparna Nancherla, and Mara Wilson.

Keith and The Girl (KATG) itself is a fast-paced comedy podcast that records five days a week in New York City. The show takes the form of a daily conversation about relationships, comedy, current events and more. Keith and The Girl began in March 2005, making it one of the longest-running podcasts in existence. WTF host Marc Maron has called them “the original podcast people.”

In addition to KATG’s monthly Silent Trailers livestreams, the podcasting duo have been releasing new episodes of the podcast daily in addition to weekly Wednesday evening hangouts with fans. Chemda has also been offering virtual meetups for her OMAT Club , a program she personally designed as a way to turn negative patterns into positive habits.

Tickets for the upcoming June 19 8pm ET / 5pm PT Silent Trailers are on sale now. Use discount code “SILENTHALF” for 50% off tickets.

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