News: Remote Dance Learning: Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theatre Dance Classes are Still in Session

Photo courtesy Michelle Tabnick PR
Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre is presenting Remote Dance Learning, an opportunity to keep students moving while they are out of school. These free sessions are led by Notes in Motion teaching artists and are available online here.

"It has been a great year of dance program thus far and I am confident that in good time we will all get to the other side of this crisis and be dancing with the young people throughout NYC again soon," said Amanda Selwyn, Artistic/Executive Director. "During the remote learning period, join Notes in Motion teaching artists as they lead you through some fun activities to keep you active and dancing!"

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre creates original and dynamic dance theatre that magnifies humanity through dance. Productions pivot around core themes and through an interplay between athletic and pedestrian motion, activate emotional expression, character, and narrative in a rich and abstract collage. Presenting dance in an immediate, mature, and inclusive way, the company engages audiences from start to finish and beckons a response of thought, feeling, and soul.

Classes are available for children by grade level: PreK-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, Middle School, and High School, and include Yoga, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, among others.


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