News: Thirdwing Presents Encore of Acclaimed Disney Unionization Drama "Burbank"

Photo by Valerie Terranova
Thirdwing, a hybrid theater company that has been presenting bold new works both live and streaming under a subscription model (like Hulu or Netflix) since January 2020, will present an encore production of its critically acclaimed Disney unionization drama Burbank, by Cameron Darwin Bossert, beginning March 12 at the wild project (you can read our review of an earlier production here).
As part of its push for a new and affordable way to engage theatergoers, Thirdwing won’t be selling regular tickets to Burbank. Instead, Thirdwing members can reserve a complimentary ticket after subscribing to its streaming platform for $4.99, which is the subscription's monthly fee. Membership includes tickets to all live performances and events year-round plus hours of original streaming theatrical and film content.

Burban tells the personal story of a 39-year-old Walt Disney fighting against Art Babbitt, the womanizing genius young animator and creator of Goofy, who led an animator’s strike in 1941. A painter named Betty Ann Dunbar, who by sexist company policy is only allowed to work in the ink and paint department, gets caught in the middle, soon forced to decide if going on strike is worth endangering the closest thing she may ever get to being a paid artist.

Before or after seeing Burbank on stage, members can stream the play's prequel, The Fairest, about the underpaid women who painted Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Also now streaming on Thirdwing are hours of episodes based on its highly acclaimed United Nations play series, ground-breaking Female Genius anthology, masterclass sit-down chats with theater greats John Turturro and Danny Burstein, and more.

Thirdwing’s 2024 in-person lineup in NYC includes its popular live reading and wine series Doctors vs. Lawyers, affinity space dramedy Renegade Speakeasy, and this fall’s new play about a 1980s conservative Jewish family reckoning with pop culture, Blood on the Door.

“I was inspired by the 20th-century teleplays on American and British television, which were designed not for the stage but for the small screen,” says Thirdwing founder, Cameron Darwin Bossert. “But I wanted to make live theater as well, and then find a way to bring them together. What you watch at home is different than what you see on stage, but it’s connected. We’re trying to make something expansive and fun, like seeing TV come to life, or bringing the characters of a play home with you after the performance. On occasion Netflix will sponsor a live immersive theatrical experience attached to one of their properties, but I think we’re the only streaming service that actually tells you to get out of the house regularly and connect with other people."

Burbank stars Zachary Speigel, Kelley Lord, and Cameron Darwin Bossert. Directed by Thirdwing, the production features costumes by Yolanda Balaña, sound design by Deeba Montazeri, and scenic and lighting design by Clayton Mack.

Burbank runs March 12 - 24, 2024. Performances are Tuesday - Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm and 7pm. Running time is 80 minutes. The wild project is located at 195 E. 3rd Street between Aves A & B. For more info, visit


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